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City Life Church


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915 Florence St



City Life Church is a new church in downtown Fort Worth.

Established in 2011


The Church of City Life is based on the Bible and Jesus focuses on Jesus. City Life is a gathering that is diverse and spreading with people from different churches and with an uncivilized background. Our purpose and mission is to "inform Jesus." Regardless of whether we drive in from the suburbs or from apartments and apartments in the streets to City Life, we believe we're connected to a community that experiences Jesus, receives Bible teaching, and empowers life.

The main pastor of the City Church is Tim Woody.

Tim is God' it'sSpeak Pure, Today's ' a passionate Bible teacher and leader who believes in applying and practicing to someone's culture.

Tim is also deeply involved in Fort Worth. He is a member of the mayor's &, #39, the religious leader's &, #39, and the Cabinet and the merciful Fort Worth.

Tim is happily married to his 31st year wife, Rebecca, and works for City Life with his three sons.

Tim W.
business owner