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In 2013, I decided to open my law firm. It's a very challenging task for our customers, and we've been trying to get the best results in their case. In the end, my job depends on the great results of any person who employs me. This means preparing for the test and doing it without hesitation. This means that all of my clients are always available on the phone or in email.

Established in 2013


a Fort Worth detective I deal with all kinds of criminal cases. I work in all Taranto County. I'll call you as usual and talk about your case for free.

We are proud to defend our criminal law in Fort Worth and protect the citizens of our communities accused of crimes. I was born and raised in Fort Worth. I went to law school at Mississippi University, but I went home and practiced. I like my job and try to help people. I help my customers by supporting them, actively protecting them, and fighting for rights and freedom.

Andrew D.
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Andrew Degan hands the most knowledgeable and reliable person to Fort Worth's Earth defense lawyer! He is a local man who keeps up to date with changes in the law. He could completely wipe out my first anger from the record. He made me a stressful time that I could easily manage. Thanks, Andrew! !

01/03/2021 05:02am



If you need a detective in Fort Worth, Andrew is highly recommended. Andrew can be said to be a reliable person because one of his family in Texas was arrested at DWI and I had to first consult my cousin. His knowledge of the law and his system reassured us, compared to other lawyers who made us feel good about his use. Andrew, thanks!

01/01/2021 08:39am