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Barnett Howard & Amp; Williams PLLC assembled veteran and litigators from the U.S. Marine Corps, Lubock County District Prosecutor's Office and Prano City Prosecutor's Office. Our partner left a large organization to implement the Criminal Injury Act at a more intimate level and to work with the citizens of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Currently, it is named Texas Super Belgles, Top Attorneys in Fort Worth, Top 100 Trial Deglees, or Top 40 Under 40.

Established in 2012


Barnett Howard & amp; Williams PLLC is highly regarded at the law firm in Fort Worth, Texas. Burnet Howard& The top-rated lawyer, Williams, is dedicated to crime defense and personal injury. As an experienced lawyer, Texas has dealt with all kinds of criminal and injury cases. Burnett Howard& Williams PLLC, who contacts detective Fort Worth and personal injury lawyer, received a free consultation on your legal matters at (817) 993-9249 today. Burnet Howard& Lawyer Williams PLLC is certified as Top 100 Trial Delehors, Top Attorneys - Fort Worth, Super Alsywer - Rising Stars. Attorney: - Brandon W. Barnett - AVVO 5-Star Rating 10.0 —Jason H. Howard - AVVO 5 - Star Rating 10.0 Luke A. Williams - AVVO 5-Star Rating 10.0 Exercise area: - Detective Attorney (Fort Worth, Texas) - DWI defense attorney (Fort Worth, Texas) - Drug Crime Defense Attorney (Fort Worth, Texas) - Marijuana-owning lawyer (Fort Worth, Texas) - Protection against theft (Fort Worth, Texas) - Anti-violent and violent crime lawyer (Fort Worth, Texas) - DV Attorney (Fort Worth, Texas) - Sexual Offense Defense (Fort Worth, Texas) - Boy lawyer (Fort Worth, Texas) Federal Detective Lawyer - Personal Injury Act (Fort Worth) - The Automobile Accident Act (northern Texas) - Unfair Death (Fort Worth, Texas) - Vouchers (travel) and tumbling accidents (Fort Worth, Texas) - Injury from truck accident (..

Barnett is the founding partner of Barnett, Howard and Williams PLC's law firm. Before establishing a law firm, he worked for six years as a working lawyer for a U.S. Marine Justice Officer. As a member of the Marine Corps, he served as a lawyer in a trial and dealt with a wide range of cases, including assault, drug crime, fraud, theft, possession of child pornography, sexual assault, rape and so on. Mr. Barnett is now specializing in personal representatives of criminal and injury cases in Fort Worth, Texas and Tran County.

Barnett has obtained a Master of Law (LL.M.) from the University of George Washington Law department in Washington, D.C. Attorney,  Fort Worth Top Attorney, Top 100 Trial Deglees, Top 40 Under 40 Top Under The National Trial Deloghees Association.

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"Brandon Burnett was the light to give hope to my family when I thought my options were limited and I could not get a satisfactory solution. Not only was he able to protect me from unjust accusations, his calm emotional behavior gave peace to me and the people I care most about. Even when I answered my email on the weekend, I really liked his response to my needs. My family and I are sincerely grateful to him for his good work, so I recommend Brandon Barnett here."

12/29/2020 07:26am



I have been working with Barnet Howard and Williams lawyers, directly and closely for many years. BHW's lawyers and staff are top-notch professionals and caring people. I don't hesitate to introduce or use them because they have helped many customers. They are former state prosecutors and have experience in military and federal court cases. If I were facing a crime or needed help with the side consequences of a crime, I would call without hesitation. I want to send them a family of everything. As Christians, they have a true heart to help people, solve problems and find a way to succeed. I can't recommend this lawyer enough.

12/31/2020 02:31pm