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The lawyers of the Davidson Law Group are working hard with family and individuals to provide peace of mind and to meet their real estate plans and legal needs. The Davidson Law Group knows it is difficult to face what happens to property in the event of death or disability. So, many people have postponed this decision until it's too late. I want to keep this process as smooth as possible. As a result, lawyers approach individual situations with compassion and attention to detail. Davidson Law Group supports real estate planning, special needs planning, charity planning, nursing law, medical assistance planning, property protection, business planning, veteran benefits, inspections, property management, trust management, and validation alternatives, 1031 exchanges, and gun trust customers.

Established in 2013


Property Plan, Presbyterian Act, Protection of Wealth, Business Plan, Veteran Benefits, Probate, Property Management, Trust Management, Substitution of Verification, 1031 Exchange, Gun Trust, Will, Rights of Attorney, Human Resources ILS, Advanced Medical Orders, HIPAA Certification, Parental Authority, Declaration, Real Estate Tax Plan, Charity Plan, Business Plan, Business Organization Formation, Business Continuation Plan, Swearing Oath of Succession, Small Property Statement, Long-Term Medical Care Plan, Long-Term Support Support

Matthew and his brother, James, set up the Davidson Law Group in Fort Worth, and in Matthew and Amplifier, they focus on real estate planning and the Presbyterian Act, and they spend their energy helping workers protect what they have gained for the rest of their lives. Their goal is to build a meaningful and long-term relationship with customers so they can stay there when they need it. Matthew and James were recognized as the top Atrony in Fort Worth and West Magazine 360, and they received numerous awards including: Top 1% of US 2015 lawyers and Nation's Top One Percent of Distinghed Counsel. For both Matthew and James, AVVO evaluates to 10.0 and Star AVVO Client Rating is 5. They are members of Tarrant County Young Deloghers Association, Tarrant County Bar Association, Group Legal Services Association of the American Bar Association, Wealth Counsel, and Nation of Elder Law Ator Ator Ator.

Matthew D.
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The Davidson Law Group was in charge of my property planning and the steps necessary to write a will, which helped me navigate very much. As a mother of a young child, I thought it was important to obtain a will soon.

He was kind and worked with Matthew, a professional, and treated you like an old friend. He takes the time necessary to ask many questions and answers them in a way to break down some of the patiently complex legal languages. He was very kind when I became uneasy about the story of death. He was reassured and settled down. Working with lawyers is very refreshing.

Ana is very easy to set up a reservation without "strong pressure". I also thought their pricing system was very fair.

We recommend Davidson Law Group to meet your real estate planning needs. They are confident that there are those who are most interested on their side, they are very careful, and they continue to have confidence on their side.

12/31/2020 01:37am



Matt and James helped us to build our first reversible trust a few months ago.  From our experience, we can't recommend them enough.  From "behind the scenes" to direct communication, we added our own talents, experiences and perspectives to the process, and we thought their partnership was very valuable.  They take time to thoroughly explain the process as an "amateur" so that they can fully understand it and ask our questions (we have many people! We have thoroughly answered and understood the details of the main objectives and achievements achieved in building trust.  What we particularly like is that building trust in heirs can have an unexpected strong emotional side. We found them particularly supportive and useful  In short, we give them the best recommendations, understanding and understanding of that aspect.

12/31/2020 10:31pm