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Valgese Somerset PLLC started their business together. Today it is composed of the best detective lawyer in Fort Worth.

Established in 2014


a criminal lawyer consisting of former countries, federal prosecutors, and members of the board of directors' expert criminal law. Find out why preventive defense is the best defense. Criminal defense, DWI defense, federal criminal defense, white collar crime defense, and sexual assault defense.

Benson Varghese is the Varghese, Summersett & Management partner for. PLLC, Smith. He is recognized by the National Bar Association as one of the top 100 lawyers. He also has the following: "Top Attorney" It was named. Every year from 2012 to the Fort Worth, Texas, Benson represents those accused of crimes, from petty crimes to capital crime. He is one of the most prominent DWI lawyers in Taranto County, and has also experienced the DWI litigation issue, including poisoning (alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs), specimen analysis (breathing and blood), and retrograde extrapolation.

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